Lots of news!

1. I have two poems about the aftermath of the Manhattan Project in the new issue of H_NGM_N that you can read here. It’s an awesome issue and I’m honored to have my work included there.

2. You can also find a poem by me in the current issue of RHINO. It’s only available in print at the moment, but I highly recommend picking up a copy. Some of the poems will also eventually be available online, so keep an eye out for that.

3. I’m a member of the Boston Poetry Slam Team for this year which means I and my teammates will be traveling to Oakland this August to compete at the National Poetry Slam! We’ll be competing and featuring around the Northeast in the months leading up to NPS– I’ve added some features dates you can look at.

4. Speaking of features, I have a few coming up. One is this Thursday (6/2) at Moonlighting, where I’ll be co-featuring with my friend Josh Elbaum. The other is Monday, 6/15 at the Dirty Gerund in Worcester. Both are amazing venues and super fun shows– hope to see you there!